Cinnamon Syrup

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Introducing our Cinnamon Flavored Syrup, crafted with the finest cinnamon extracts to add a warm and comforting touch to your dishes. This syrup brings the cozy aroma and rich taste of cinnamon to your table.

Enjoy its versatility by adding a dash to your morning coffee, tea, or hot chocolate for a flavorful kick to start your day. It's not just for drinks! Spruce up your pancakes, waffles, or muffins with a twist of cinnamon for a delightful treat.

Our syrup is carefully made without any artificial extras, delivering the true essence of cinnamon in every drop. With its sweet and spicy balance, it's a perfect match for your culinary creations, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Experience the depth of cinnamon flavor, making your dishes stand out. Elevate your cooking game and awaken your taste buds with our premium Cinnamon Flavored Syrup.

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Made with care using quality ingredients for an authentic aromatic taste
  • Versatile Sweetness: Elevate beverages like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with a touch of comforting cinnamon sweetness.
  • Warm Spice Infusion: Embrace the cozy essence of cinnamon in every sip or drizzle.
  • Baking Essential: Enhance baked goods—think cinnamon rolls, cookies, or pies—with the aromatic warmth of this syrup.
  • Long Shelf Life: Enjoy the goodness of cinnamon flavor year-round.
  • Hygienically Packed: Ensuring freshness and safety, it comes in a food-grade, reusable PET bottle.
  • Winter Warmer: Embrace the chilly season by adding this syrup to warm beverages for a cozy and aromatic experience.
  • Easy-to-Pour: The convenient design allows for easy pouring, adding a touch of goodness effortlessly.

Available in CaramelVanillaIrish and Roasted Hazelnut Flavors

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